Upholstery materials

We stock both traditional and modern upholstery materials. We also sell upholstery accessories . 

Traditional upholstery materials

  • Coconut fibre / Coconut
    Coconut fibres originate from the outer protective shell of the coconut. India and Sri Lanka are areas where coconut palms are cultivated for fibre production. The fibres are soaked, beaten, fanned out and spun into braids and then dried. Our coconut fibre, either in its natural colour or black, is processed using our own  original Toggenburger formula.
    The properties of the coconut fibre:
    Coconut fibre is a hard fibre. It is elastic, tear-proof and unbreakable, and it is long-lasting. It provides noise and sound insulation and is hygroscopic; i.e. it absorbs excess room humidity.
    We recognise three types of fibre: Bristle (long and strong), Omat (somewhere between mattress and bristle in both length and strength) and Mattress (short tangled fibres).

  • Crin d'Afrique / Vegetable fibre
    Crin d'Afrique originates from the leaves of a particular type of knee-high dwarf palm native to northern Africa and Spain. The leaves are cut off and pulled through metal combs, which separate the solid fibres from the soft parts of the leaves. The wet fibres are sorted by thickness, spun into braids and dried in the sun.
    The type used byToggenburger is spun extra thin. Palm fibres are characterised by their high level of elasticity. They are strongly hygroscopic and must therefore be protected from high air humidity. The fibres are green and smell slightly like hay.
    Palm fibres are used as an upholstery material for furniture and mattresses, as well as for making ropes and basketware.

  • Kapok
    Kapok is the fibre from the banana-shaped fruit pods of the kapok tree. These trees grow to a height of approx. 25m, mainly in Africa and Indonesia. The fruit pods are knocked off, dried and opened by hand, shortly before they are fully ripe. The wool around the seeds is de-seeded, dried, bleached and sorted by quality. About 250 capsules are needed to produce 1 kg Kapok. Our kapok comes from Indonesien, packed in 500g sacks.
    These silky kapok fibres have particular properties:
    100% organic, heat insulating, temperature regulating, active breathing, water repellent, plus the anti-bacterial and antimicrobial effect of the bitter substances, i.e. moth-proof and mite-proof, 6 times lighter than cotton.
    Kapok is extremely well suited for use as a filling material for cushions, coverlets, upholstery, sleeping bags and life jackets.

  • Rubberised coconut
    These rubberised coconut mats are made of  100% natural coconut fibre, vulcanised with natural latex. The properties of these mats include good body and shape retention. Highly suitable for cushions on chairs, stools and benches.

Modern upholstery materials

  • Fleece wadding
    This product range covers wadding in layers, sprayed-on, nailed or thermally bonded. The fleece wadding is available in a variety of fibre types and levels of softness, thickness, density and bonding; calendered or coated in Velutino fleece and much more. The fibres are fire retardant, making them particularly attractive. Our fleece wadding is made of best quality 100% polyester in white.

  • NEW: polyester fibers loose, siliconised
    open, soft, voluminous, slippery and washable up to 40°C
    1 kg bag / 1 ball = 15 kg
    Particularly suitable for:
    - Trimmings
    - Cushions
    - Upholstery components and much more

  • Spun fleece / Non woven
    We can no longer imagine life without polypropylene spun fleece. In the upholstery industry too, we use this synthetic fibre-based material - as a pulling tool, a cover, sub-support and much more.
     Polypropylene spun fleece is available from 17g/m2 to 100g/m2, in a variety of widths.

  • Knitted foam
    Knitted velour on a 4mm polyester foam. The reverse is equipped with a knitted flame-sealed net. The velour and the knitted net are therefore inseparably bonded to the foam. Suitable for Velcro. Roll width 150 cm.
    Our colours: Black, white, dark brown, beige

  • Sitinet knitted hose
    Circular knitted material, approx. 50 g/m2, made of 100% cotton and wound on rolls, raw colour
    Ideal as a pull-in tool or as a cover  
    Our widths: 18 cm for bed rolls, 35 cm for upholstered cushions, 55 cm for mattresses

Upholstery accessories

  • Wall coverings
    Polyester fleece wadding is nailed firmly onto the wall as a covering. For safety reasons, all of these coverings are fire resistant. Both the 120 g/m2 and the 200g/m2 fleece are 270cm wide so that walls in even the higher rooms can be completely covered.
  • Elasbelt straps
    Straps made of rubber, completely wound in polypropylene. These high-quality Elasbelt straps stand out for their special quality and long service life. Straps for back cushions, firm for seats or extra hard for seating areas. These straps are 60 mm wide.
  • Agricultural fleece
    Covertan spun polypropylene fleece with quality certificate and blue bonded seam, UV-stabilised, white with edge reinforcement 
    17 g/m2 as covering fleece
    22 g/m2 reinforced covering fleece
    30 g/m2 fleece for winter cover
    50 g/m2 black mulching fleece
    Widths from 150 cm to 1600 cm