Horsehair mattress

Mattress made purely of hair from horses' tails 

Mattress made purely of hair from horses' tails

Filling: No. 300, pure horse tail hair  
Colour: natural black
Size: 90/95/100/120/140 cm x 200 cm
Covered in pure new sheep's wool
Ticking : 100% cotton twill
Damask / Sanitas
Working: Beading or Fa├žon

Price upon request

Special properties:

  • Horsehair regulates the atmosphere and moisture naturally 
  • Horsehair has the lowest resistance to water transfer
  • Tail hair regulates the temperature of the human body
  • The best hygroscopic and physiological properties
  • High level of supportive strength, excellent elasticity
  • Maximum resting comfort

Tail hair pillows - pure tail hair

Tail hair pillows

Pure tail hair, natural white, No. 00
Size 65 x 45 cm
Fixed used lifting tabs or zip fasteners
Type S - 900 g for slim females
Type M - 1,000 g for females and slim males
Type L - 1,050 g for males
Type XL - 1,200 g for broad-shouldered males
Tail hair cushions fulfil many criteria:

  • Good elasticity and bounce
  • Unrivalled support 
  • Maximum resting comfort 

However, the biggest difference compared with other materials is its hygroscopic quality, i.e. tail hair absorbs moisture and releases it later. As a result, the pillow stays cool and never feels damp. A consistent environment produces comfortable sleep.